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The Wharf HOA operates a private residents/homeowner directory, which has three purposes: (1) so the HOA/Property Manager can quickly contact residents/homeowners about work schedules, necessary shutdowns or urgent items that affect residents/homeowners; (2) to facilitate Neighbors emailing their friends and neighbors and; (3) and provide emergency information network can quickly and effectively get information to the Wharf community. The Directory is held electronically and kept confidential: it will continuously updated with new residents and/or changed information - see below. An updated copy (PDF) will be emailed to all residents/homeowners at regular intervals, unless the resident/homeowner specifically checks the "No Directory" option.

Wharf Directory - Rules, Restrictions, Privacy & Process

1. The Wharf Directory is for the sole purpose of community communications - it is not for for commercial use, nor should it be used other than for the context of friendly exchange. The HOA Board will use it carefully to distribute HOA & Emergency information.

2. Under no circumstances should this directory, an electronic or printed copy of it or any information contained therein be given to anyone other than a resident or homeowner of The Wharf for any reason unless you obtain written permission from The Wharf Board of Directors.

3. All Homeowners that themselves are in the directory are entitled to electronically download the directory for their own use, and in compliance with the above protection and privacy safeguards. Downloading the directory is strictly conditional on following these Rules and Restrictions.

4. Additions, Changes and Updates should be made using the Directory Update Form (see below). Questions & help can be obtained by emailing Maggie O'Reilly (see below). Every effort is made to keep the information up to date. Questions, suggestions and improvements should also be sent to Maggie.

5. Any breach of the above will result in withdrawal of directory privileges

For additions & updates to the directory, please complete the electronic form below and submit - your details will be changes/added to the electronic directory, and we will send you an electronic (PDF) version of the directory which you can print and/or search/access using your computer.

Directory Contact - Maggie O’Reilly at

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