The Wharf Community "Hidden in Plain Sight” on Davis Road Peninsula in League City's Marina District

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The WHOA Board of Directors would like to submit the following in order to hopefully offer more in-depth information with regards to the proposed assessment and dues increase to fund our badly needed infrastructure projects at The Wharf. We realize that homeowners will probably need more information and answers to questions and concerns as we move forward with this proposed initiative. We want to address all of your concerns, but hopefully the following will get the process started.

How did we arrive at a point where the board feels that this proposed assessment and dramatic fee increase is necessary?

There are many mitigating factors that the board considered before coming to the conclusions it reached. Some of those factors are:
Neglect over a long period of time Inadequate fee structure Loss of long time contractor who understood our needs Comprehensive plan to address our needs
In order for there to be more complete understanding of the factors outlined above, we will now take each factor in turn for greater understanding

INFORMATION AND ADDITIONAL DISCUSSION FOR MAJOR INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS (PDF) to read the full paper prepared by Robert Gray on behalf of the Board

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Wharf Community Photo Tour

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Boardwalk Home

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Larger Wharf Home

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Tuscan Style Home

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