The Wharf Community "Hidden in Plain Sight” on Davis Road Peninsula in League City's Marina District

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Attorney Certified FINAL VOTING RESULTS:

The tabulators cannot disclose how people voted. it’s prohibited by Section 209.00594 of the Property Code.

The ballot voting results from Saturday, November 11, 2017 were counted twice and are accurate.  Here is the breakdown:

Total Class A Votes voting: 91 (2/3 is 61)

Total Class B Votes voting: 11.4 (2/3 is 8)

$47 monthly assessment raise vote:

Class A: 58 votes in favor (needed 61); 33 votes against

Class B: All 11.4 votes in favor

$6,000 special assessment vote:

Class A: 38 votes in favor (needed 61); 53 votes against

Class B: 7.4 votes in favor (needed 7.6 or 8); 4.0 votes against

The Attorney discarded 4 ballots: one because it was a duplicate, and three because they had no signatures.




Minutes for June 29, 2017 Regular Session Board Meeting (PF)


Board of Director Responses

During the special membership meeting held on November 11, 2017 there were many statements and assertions made by a few homeowners that are misleading or simply not supported by fact. The Board responds as follows:

Facts About the Seven-Tenths of an Acre Near Crow’s Nest Pool
The seven-tenths of an acre that is adjacent and immediately south of the Crow’s Nest Pool is owned by Laura and Chris Hullman. They join a long line of previous owners of this property that have had a “quid pro quo” agreement with the Wharf Homeowner’s Association (WHOA) to mow the grass in exchange for the WHOA being able to have easy access, use, and maintenance of the sewer line that runs through the property (and that services the townhome buildings to the west and north of the pool), of the sidewalks that provide access to some townhomes and pool and boardwalk, and of the townhome owners’ entry staircases which are on the property. Additionally, it allows the WHOA to maintain a consistent and aesthetic appearance of that general area of the Wharf. This agreement was established with previous owners before the Hullman’s acquired the property and that agreement continues today.

When the previous owner of the land sold the property, the title company required the WHOA to sign a release or quitclaim in the form of a deed without warranty so as not to cloud the title. The WHOA Board and its Attorney approved of the President of the Board signing this deed.

This land is not at present, and never has been, a part of the Wharf. The previous owner wanted to develop the property with 17 units that were not at all compatible as to density or style with the Wharf. This development was halted by the home owners of the Wharf petitioning and meeting with the Planning and Zoning Commission of League City, and requesting that the development be allowed only 13 units and that the Wharf would have first option to annex the units when developed. The City Council of League City approved this request and recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Hullmans do own four undeveloped lots which
are part of the Wharf. These lots are in the area between Buildings 4 and 5. One-tenth of the monthly assessment fee is paid for each undeveloped lot.

Bonuses Paid to the Property Manager
The contract with the Property Manager states that the fee paid to the Property Manager will be one-tenth of the total monthly assessments paid by the homeowners. Since for many years the monthly assessment fees were not changed, there was not a way to increase the Property Manager’s fee or incentivize good performance. During the last fifteen years, two bonuses were paid to the Property Manager (in non-consecutive years) to reward outstanding work performed that was far beyond the Property Manager’s contractual obligations. One was for $3,000.00 and the other was for $3,600.00. Awarding bonuses is the standard method used by employers and Boards in the business sector, the public sector, and the sports and entertainment sector to reward an individual’s performance that meets the demands and requirements of the position and exceeds expectations.

Featured Wharf Photo

HOMES & GARDENS - INSIDE THE WHARF - click photos to go to tour

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Wharf Community Photo Tour

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Boardwalk Home

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Larger Wharf Home

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Tuscan Style Home

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